By: Ayda Khamalrudin

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Sunday, 22-Oct-2006 14:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Hello people!!

Just want to share with you guys my latest interest.... hehehe....

Im making more of it.... watch this space ye? huhuhu!!
Kita enjoy!!!

Thursday, 19-Oct-2006 17:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Tomorrow... We'll start our raya tour.hehe.. we're moving up north this year and heading back to east. Emi (my sister who live at http://aymiee.fotopages.com) coming home with Aiman (my brother) tomorrow evening. Bawak kete elok2 ye? My other beloved brother Fayz not coming home this year. You take care dude! I love you! We love you!
My eldest sister going back to his hubby's kampung. Us? Its ayah adam's turn this year. We'll celebrating our 1st hari raya at Darul Ridzuan. Will be back to Darul Iman on the 4th of raya for an assignment then continue our raya until end of month! huhuu!! Will be at Darul Makmur for few days too.
Im wishing all well and happiness during this meaningful celebrating month. As for this kesempatan too, MAAF ZAHIR BATIN na.
I just realize that Im not that forgiven person. huhuhu!! so to people out there who think they did extremingly cruel thing to me... better mintak maaf before hembusan terakhir!!! hahaha!!

Beautkids moving on very well. Ive been spending my time there quite often now. If you find silence here, feel free for a soul theraphy at http://beautkids.fotopages.com. They are all adorable creature.

my latest 'cant resist to picit2' model ;p

We just get ourselves registered! woohoo!! We are now doing some upgrades here and there. Hope we can serve our client better. Will give you a shout for new updates. Thanks for all supports.

Wonder how our standard album look like?

I would like to thanks to those whose constantly menjengah ke sini. Thank you for your comments too. I dont really have much time to comment but I normally have a peek at your page. If you need my say at any subject please feel free to gimme a buzz and I will be more than happy to out loud my opinion.

Frankly, im not really a technical person. Yes I have a good camera but you can always 'godey2' it to get what you want. I like and love to add my personal touch on most of my photowork. So i guess the exif data is no longer relevent. Im sorry if I cant assist you more on the technical stuff but Im very available for art's consultation related to composition, subject and philosophy.
Everyone of us have their own reason for being here in fp. Personally, my most favourite fp is about everyday's life. Im more interested on the story behind sequences of photos. Seeing how other people live their life out there. Im not into emotional visual, spooky stuff, heart broken tales.... why should i spoil my shiny day??

Anyhoo... thats about it... maaf jika terkasar bahasa. To all my regular visitors... yg diam atau bersuara.. kehadiran anda disini dihargai. Take care!


Wednesday, 4-Oct-2006 15:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Its been quite a while with no update here... Always thot I can manage all of our fp and website well but ssigghh...... x larat...... huhuhu!!!
Anyhoo.... here's what had happen lately...

I'd like to wish all of you a joyous and blessed Ramadan. Bulan beribadat... semoga diberkati amalan kita semua.... InsyaAllah....

Quote was commented to me by AlongCpr and I think its nice to share with the rest too... Terima kasih Along.

*Redang trip
We went to Redang Island for a wedding assignment. It was fun and a new experience for both me and Farooq. It was our first coverage of an English wedding. The pengantin originally from the UK and being in the crowd remind me of my student's life back in Brighton! Gua miss lu ar Brighton! woohoo!! Anyhoo.... another nice collection of photos to add in our folio....
Full entry at http://beautconnection.fotopages.com

the bride

*Adam oh Adam...
Cik Emi said she miss this not so little baby a lot! Heres some photos for you emi. Ni masa kitarang lunch kat umah along... best sgt! rugi ko x de... hehe...

hanya jauhari yang mengenal maniam! identiti mereka diraksasakan... uhuhu!!

teruk percik air ajiq tendang2!

I'll upload the full entry of Farihin Raiyan soon. To mothers who had email or YM me for quotation... pls accept my apology for the long delay...You can download the quotation here Thanks for the interest and support...

Farihin Raiyan

Till then.... need to off now.... both my darlings are calling to tidozee... Bubbye people!

Wednesday, 20-Sep-2006 02:31 Email | Share | | Bookmark

coming up at http://beautconnection.fotopages.com soon

Sunday, 17-Sep-2006 17:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark


tungguuu........... watch out http://beautconnection.fotopages.com

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