By: Ayda Khamalrudin

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Saturday, 17-Mar-2007 19:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Hello people!

One ustaz said the longer salam we wish the better so heres
Assalammualaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh!

I dont recall sharing this photo with you. This was taken quite a time ago. I used this photo for my Raya Postcard. Year 2005? Amazing view isnt it? That was me you know? When I was kurus la of course. huhuhu!! Taken by Cik Bett or Meitia during our site visit to the South Downs.

Yes... i am a yound lady ye? huhuhu!! I have lots of interest. Photography is one of them. I love sewing (I have my own sewing machine tau? Embroidery machine too!) I love making journals (I have selection of colour papers and variety of scissors!) I love to compile my fav song in a cd (together with a cover that I designed myself) and lots more. Most are creative works. How I miss those time when I have generous amount of time! huhuhu!!

Since I got married to my beloved Sang Suami. I know my live will fill with love each days of my life. Thank God Alhamdulillah we share some of our interests. We even work together and doing something that we like. Eventho we have different perspective and style but we compensate with each other. However, I find it hard to do some of my other things that I like doing. I still have boxes of things that I collect to get it archive properly. Like journal it nicely with proper text and tags. This is a clue why I havent share our HoneyBulan Project yet. huhuhu!!

Adam Hamzah. My adorable little guy. His 1st birthday is on March 23rd 2007. Just a few days to go! Cepatkan dia besar? Oh dear, I can still remember our first eye to eye contact at the hospital on his 1st day. We was so tiny! Sekarang dia dah sama berat dgn beras 10kg! huhuhu!! One of my good friend, ex-client and a YM buddy gave me the 1st baby present. It was a baby 1st year book. Sorry if you read this Farra but the book still needs 98% to finish. Until now, I still find it hard to organize my time. Most people think you have plenty of time if you are working on your own but not me. Other people work from 9am to 5pm and 5 1/2 working days. I have 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week working time. Kids dont always do what you want them to do so I cant fix my working hours. My longest working session is after my little darling went to bed which is normally after 10pm. Not to mention on breastfeeding and keep up with baby's appetite that keep changing and experimental. Im not whining but just a rough desciption on my daily life.

I love my bussiness and what Im doing right now. It allow me to express myself and all actions and consequences are on my own responsibility. It somehow help me learn on positioning myself in different situations. I make new friends, I meet new people, and I get self satisfaction when I snap a good photos.
However, I dont really have much opportunity to do my personal photowork. What you see most are from my assignments. I have exciting idea on my next project that I would like to share but I havent started it yet! huhuhu!!

Anyhoo, above all, I have a wonderful family and friends that always support me to go forward and I am always aware to improve myself.

From my words and lines above, I just hope and would be very grateful if anyone who want to say "Kao boley la... byk masa,kao keje sendiri... " or "dari tak buat apa2 tu... " to think again! TQ

Cheers everyone! Nicey day!


Saturday, 10-Mar-2007 23:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Apa khabar suma!!! huhuhu!!
Kami di Terengganu ni tidak brp sihat lately. Panas btol weather skang ni. Adam batuk2... uhuk uhuk dan selsema... slluurrrppp!!! Me myself pon batuk2 dah dekat seminggu dah ni.
We have been very bz with assignments lately. Tak menang tangan rasanya. So heres a few update :

All Ilyana&Azmir's wedding photos have been uploaded at http://beautconnection.fotopages.com. Heres a few highlight.

Alhamdulillah... previous children outdoor portraiture went very well. We will having another session on 17th March. Here is the poster

2 sessions booked tinggal 2 sessions lagi. Full details at http://beautkids.fotopages.com

latest work at Beautkids... Mazlina....

Official photographers for Beautconnection are me and sang suami Al Farooq. However, we were thinking of having more photographers with us. (Kita kenelah berhijrah untuk yg lebih baikkan?). We treat every event especially weddings are unique and every client have their own characteristic. Due to that, every client have a right to be themselves and it must shows on their photos too. We want Beautconnection to be a hub for passionate photographers. They are free to express their talents. Not doing the same style as me or farooq. (Unless its the best way of doing it la kan?). I hate it most when someone shoot a straight exactly same pose like your references are only in fotopages!! I hope one day Beautconnection will have talented photographers that are proud with their artwork. To photographers who have work with us, I hope you guys understand what we are expecting from you. Keep up a good spirit and always open your mind to learn. For those who are interested to join us, do contact us at beconnected@beautconnection.com.

Ive been tagged twice by Iva and Perliz. Patutkah kuberterima kasih? huhuhu! Anyhoo tq for ingat kat aydeology ni... huhuhu! Im no weirdo la. Just a plain lady. fuceh!

Rules:People who are tagged should write a blog post of 6 weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog..

Not sure either its weird or habit so here goes...

6 MOST WEIRD THINGS ABOUT ME (malu sebenanye ni... hahahaha)
1. Mesti nk selimut time tido but always make sure my feet are not covered!
2. When I eat jagung rebus or bakar, I like to make pattern on them.
3. Songs from Bjork, Moby and Jamiroquai is among my favourite.
4. I have many things to do but always end up kepenatan with little of the task completed.
5. I have a 'tempat selamat' to keep my valuable things but sometimes it was too selamat I myself cant find it!
6. Ku bley fikirkan 5 saja... huhuhu...cukup la...

I figure most of you guys have been tagged by now. Im a bit outdated huh? huhuhu... xpe... tiada paksaan... Eema, aji, dusyum, jehan or marcia sure dah kene tag... huhu!! Di sebabkan kene tag 2 kali so heres my 12 lucky person:

1. Aymiee
2. Linda+Amir
3. Paliy
4. Mar
5. Aqi
6. Ork
7. Weda
8. Kak Long
9. Huda
10. Zira
11. Zie
12. cik bett

Good Luck people!!

Terimalah gamba penutup dari saya ....

Adam Hamzah pabila lapar!

Sunday, 25-Feb-2007 17:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Ok... a quick update. Will story2 to you guys later. It was an awesome day out. Here are few of my fav.:

Ok... I'll update the rest at http://beautkids.fotopages.com. Need to go now! Later dude!!

Tuesday, 20-Feb-2007 19:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark


FEBRUARY 14, 2007
It was my 28th birthday! . Im not sure how to react. huhuhu!! My mak purposely didnt wish me a birthday wish. She said its not an enjoyable day to celebrate when you are actually growing older! How time goes flies. I still have my 27th birthday text msg from last year in my mobile! Anyhoo... alhamdulillah... Tuhan masih panjangkan umur... semoga rezeki melimpah ruah, ibadat berlipat ganda, kehidupan yg excellent dan hidup diberkati selagi hayat. Thank you for all wishes.


The session went well except than the couple was so in love and i hardly get them apart for just a few sec.! huhuhu! It was a bit mendung but we did manage to get a few shots when the sun brightly shined for a few minutes. Full entry at http://beautconnection.fotopages.com


We went to Ampang and Seremban for Ilyana & Azmir's wedding coverage. Again, very nice families and cool events! We enjoyed ourselves. It was 3 consecutive days. Pheeww... boley tahan jugak la... masa shoot tak terasa penat but when everything was over, my legs were shivering! hohoho!!! hambik kao! need to do some strecthing before working la next time!
Here are some of my fav :

Will keep you posted on the rest of it soon!

Adam demam!! kesian dia.... He stayed with his nenek and aunts at Shah Alam during our absence. He was a bit suam2 kuku when I arrived back at my MIL's from Ilyana's nikah last friday. Next morning the temperature went high. We went to a clinic nearby. It opened at 8.30am but the doctor will come at 10am! Ape ke? Then we off to another clinic. Bergenang jugak la air mata nk tinggalkan dia that day. It was so hard to leave him when he really needs me. We bring him with us the next day to Seremban. At least boley jugak jengok dia from time to time. Thank you to the bride and groom for their understanding. Kami singgah to my mak's kampung at Kg.Bemban, Seremban before leaving back to Shah Alam. Dapat jugak la merasa lemak cili api Along Fidah masak! Fuuhh!! Berapi! huhuhu!!! Adam is getting better now. Have to finish the antibiotic. Nak tumbuh gigi lagi agaknye anak mak ni...


A Beautconnection's photowork on Zafe. Our studio lighting system wasnt ready when Zafe need a modelling portfolio. We were thinking of an outdoor or location portrait but we manage to make it look like a studio. Berjaya tak? huhuhu!!

not only Zafe, nampaknya ada org lain pon berbakat jugak jadi model nih! huhhu!! Identity dirahsiakan supaya saham dia maintain... hehe.... Again, more of Zafe at http://beautconnection.fotopages.com

Okla guys! need to get few things done. Nicey day everyone! Wish for a brighter day and happier life!

Callos for now....

Tuesday, 13-Feb-2007 10:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark

We will be having a children photography session on February 24th, 2007 at Taman Tasik Shah Alam. Only 5 sessions available so pick up your phone and make a reservation ya!
Full details at Beautkids http://beautkids.fotopages.com


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