By: Ayda Khamalrudin

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Wednesday, 27-Jun-2007 17:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Pls let me breakdown... i want to love and be loved by my sewing machine!

groom : hello.... bride: hello hello..

Help me choose... my vision a lil bit numb....

marilah mendengar lagu ini > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-i_AcTz0UU

Friday, 15-Jun-2007 18:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark

I wish my break wasnt over... it was a pleasant break... spectacular....
Esok2 saya cerita ey? Just touched down 3 hours ago and i need a rest for our usual trip back to Kuantan/Terengganu tomorrow... till then.... -n-

Wednesday, 6-Jun-2007 05:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark

B.I.N.G.O! B.I.N.G.O! B.I.N.G.O and bingo was his name-o!
huhuhu!! i just feel like starting this entry with it. Hope its a good start to my many unsolved matters. huhuhu!!

Ramai nk tau cite ni ye? I was a bit trauma when it happeedn but my theory, the more you talk about it, it soon be just another cerita and it does work. Thats why Im not that beriya to continue it here. Plus, I dont like bad & sad story. However maybe we can take one or two teladan out of the story.
So it goes like this.... it was about 7am. Hari baru nk cerah kan?
ok... ari tu kitarang balik ke tganu ikut jerangau... i fell asleep before the jalan pantai or jalan dalam punya junction... mati2 i thot Farooq will ikut jalan pantai sekali dia ikut Jerangau! hmph!
Kitarang brenti solat subuh at Kuala Berang then continue the journey. When we reach a place call Ajil, tiba kat satu selekoh ni.... tiba2 kete kat depan mengelak mengejut. Sib baik kitarang pon sempat ngelak... then Farooq tiba2 istifar! then i quickly asked him what had happen. Then you know what? There was a MAYAT on the road! definately a mayat la... sekali imbas mmg ingatkan binatang ke mati kene langgar kat atas jalan tu kan... sekali mayat do!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
I turned around and saw a man terdampar on the road. Apalaga!! I was squeaking lah mcm angsa kene sembelih! huhuhu!! Aku mmg penakut mende2 camni ni... huhuhu!! Then I suggest we cant just do nothing about it.... so we pulled over and call 999. After we gave them all the details, we continue with the journey... Apa ke Farooq nk U turn nk check betol ke org! eeeee.... tak dapat ok? huhuhu!! Gerak je suma org diam... Sib baik tgh pangku adam... ada jugak yg bley dipeluk... hehe... I think it was a kes langgar lari. I cant close my eyes that day. Asyik teringat2 the scene where I turn around and saw a dead body on the road. Ajal kita mmg dah ditetapkan... I know that we cant change that but lets pray to Allah our nyawa tidak ditarik dalam keadaan mengerikan mcm tu.
Later, the next journey going back to Kuantan wasnt a pleasant trip. There was this unsecure feeling when we all gambling our life on the road. I always pray since we got married until now to Allah that Farooq will pergi and balik dgn selamat everyday. FYI, his work require him to travel almost everyday plus kami sekeluarga pon do travel a lot!
Jadi pengajarannya.... melintaslah jalan dgn baik ye? Org tu mungkin on his way to work but di tgh jalan nyawa teragut. Semoga Allah memberi ganjaran atas niat baik dia utk hari tu.

This is another sad story. One maghrib evening, I received a call from my mak that my fav aunt at seremban was seriously ill and they were planning to visit her while there was time. As soon as the phone hang up, I cant help but crying. Sedey dho! Luckily I have a shoulder to cry on... Sapa lagi? Farooq lah! huhuhu!!
Anyhoo... when I was getting ready for Isya, I received another call from Along, my sister... she said Kak Nori (we call her kak eventho she was our aunt due to less than 20 years different of age. ;p ) just passed away. Kali ni lagi la kuat aku nangis... oh dear... its definately a big loss. She came to my wedding eventho it was just a short notice before the event. (sapa yg tau the story tau la kan the gap between our risik and nikah! ;p)
So I will make my effort for my last chance to visit her. We packed and left for Kuantan that night serta merta!
The next day we leave to Seremban and when we reach my kampung, she was all ready to leave the house to the kuburan dah... nak ralat pon tak guna... I just saw sekujur tubuh berbalut kafan putih dimasukkan ke liang lahad dicelah2 org yg ramai. I just pray to Allah semoga rohnya dirahmati... She was a good person... and we dont feel susah hati to let her go. Shes definately among the solehah. InsyaAllah...

My last visit to Seremban was during Chinese New Year early this year for Ilyana & Azmir's wedding. She insist us to stay a night but we went back to Shah Alam anyway. I always have a feeling that derang takkan ke mana2... so I can always visit them next time. We had to be at Malacca that weekend for a wedding assignment and we already plan to drop by Seremban. Nampaknya there was a change of plan... we were there few days earlier and now she had gone.... forever... *sedey*

Ok... enough with the sad story and all.... me, farooq and adam, together with my other 2 sisters are going to Medan next week. Saja jalan2 mengenangkan my sister Emi studying there and cheap Air Asia flight tickets! We will stay a night at a hotel facing the Danau Toba! woohoo! Im looking fwd for a good and cheap Spa and massage! huhuhu!! we need to take a break. We especially Farooq have been working hard until today. We definately deserve a nice and relaxing treat. As for now... I have bundle of work to be done before our pleasant trip. I kind of feeling guilty spending my limited time at my personal page already. huhuhu!!

Alamak... Adam is calling.... I got to run. Below is my first attempt for Dave Hill's editing style. I need to ask Syahrin Aziz to comment on it. hehehe... Mcam mana Syahrin? jadi tak? ;p

Wednesday, 23-May-2007 05:24 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Adam Einstein

Thursday, 17-May-2007 19:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Hallu hallu!!
Its been a while since my last update. Ive been planning to jot down even a short note here but ... no.. i didnt... (gua bz beb! ;p)

So here are things happen for the last few weeks of my absence...

Hey what do you know... Linda who live at http://vitamine.fotopages.com had gave birth to Ghazi bin Amir Faizi yesterday. (16/5) at Damai Melawati Hospital. Here goes another entry of her life... Cant wait to see the little guy. Tambah sorang lagi kawan adam.

Linda on her nikah day!

Not only Linda, my first Beautconnection client, Farrah also just gave birth to Iman Kyra Elisa last month. The other Fara, also my client and my good YM buddy gave birth to Aqil last two months. Tak sempat2 lagi jumpa bila balik Shah Alam.

this is Farrah and this is Fara... both on their wedding day... bila tgk2 balik gamba lama... I hope I do improve... I do right? Do I? Huhuhu!!

Did you know that I always find it difficult to spell 'beauty'. huhuhu!! Anyhoo... another client of mine... hahaha... ari ni cite pasal my ex-client je ek? huhuhu!!
Jaslinda.... is now 7 mos pregnant. Check out the maternity portrait at http://beautkids.fotopages.com

Not only her, but Noor, Tina, Anita and ehem ehemm... huda... (http://wannieda.fotopages.com) ;p are now pregnant too... huhuhu!! bestnye!!!
Im not sure with the others but kalau ye kami di Beautconnection tumpang happy!

Haaa... ni yg nk cite pasal trauma ni... eee.... sapa pregnant jgn baca ye? termimpi nanti... eee.... tolong la.. jauhkan....
Camni.... for the last few weeks, me & adam had spend more of our days at Kuantan. Dekat sebulan tinggal rumah. Farooq je la yg berulang alik Kuantan-Ktganu... Sian dia... penat bw kete... anyhoo... ni nk cite nih!!
haaa.... we had a mothers day BBQ last saturday.... then sunday tu at 4am, after Farooq had his tido yg mencukupi... kami gerak balik tganu... Alamak.... dah naik bulu roma... jap gi la sambung... I have to finish my work sket lagi ni... We continue later ye? huhuu!!!

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